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How To Get Free Traffic Visitors From Plugrush ?

Plugrush is one of themost advanced system tool available for traffic trading and monetising your traffic , Plugrush is a nice way to get
free adult targetted visitors to your website or blog for free. It can be used on any script or boards but mostly used by TGP , Tubes websites and blogs.

How it works ?
Plugrush has a traffic trading widget, You can actually choose a size and number of plugs in that widget according to your website layout ,
You have to place that widget on your website ( its a simple code which you have to just copy paste in your template ), They currently have
to kinds of traffic trading widgets

1)Normal trading
2)Gallery trading (Website Has to be aprooved by staff)

When someone(visitor) clicks on one of the thumbnail of that widget it gets redirected to someother website.(Another plugrush member's
website with similar niche which you can choose while creating the widget ),
Similarly you get visitors from some other website to your website or blog via plugs ,

You can read more in details about plugs in my previous post

Plugrush allows you to submit max 6 plugs per website or blog, so use them wisely.
Plurush is very good source of quality traffic for TGP, Tube & Gallery Blogs,
Gallery trading newly added and might have some bugs ,
so you need to apply for website review from plugrush staff & aprooval , still you are allowed to use normal trading ,

Normally Plugrush trades a traffic in 1:1 to 1:2 ratio but for few blogs i got even 1:2.5 ratio,
You can view complete details of your traffic trades with country and website wise distribution via pie charts ,
You can even block trades for certain websites as well
and lots more other stuff is there which you can check in settings ,
You can even monetise your mobile traffic with plugrush.

Tips : 1) For Gallery trade aprooval , you need to host pic galleries on your own servers ,
       2) Put Plugrush widget neat header or just next to your gallery thumbnails
       3) Make Attractive Plugs
       4) Dont Use fake plugs
       5) Try to trade with niche websites
       6) Quality Matters

Best Luck :)

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Adult Traffic

Highest Paying CPM + Sales for Publishers - Exoclick

Hey Felas, 
its been a long time i have written nothing on ad networks especially CPM ad networks.There are many CPM ad networks out on internet & many of them pays well but none of them pays extra for sales for publishers which they get through running CPM campaign on Publishers websites.

You must be wondering there are so many pay per view image hosts out there saying 10$/1k views ....12$/ 1k views etc etc. How do they make profit ? paying 12$/ 1k views its actually like giving money through your own pocket while running a imagehost website ( Other than server & advertising cost ). Don't you agree on this ?

If you observe carefully you will come to know that most of them use Exoclick ads on there pages with other ad networks in combination.

Exoclick pays really well for CPM campaign and the best part is that they also give Some bonus $ as a part of sales which they get through your websites for publisher.

So if your website makes daily 15k pageviews and your making say 5-6 $/ day with Just CPM and you have a quality niche specific website which can bring Related Product sales then Exoclick is the best network for you as you will get some extra money ( depending on sales ).
So at the end of month you make 200+ $ instead of making 150-180$.

In Above image you can see that 2 peaks in a single month which shows increased revenue for the same no. of pageviews.

Another best part is Exoclick also provides Mobile banner advertising which is far better than mobile redirecting scripts provided by other ad networks. it is a better way to monetize your mobile traffic without annoying them. :)

So If you have still not joined this network, join it now.

Edit: Please note Exoclick approve only quality sites so if you have multiple sites submit the best one . after registering you need to contact there support for approval once approved you can add other sites and they will get approved as well
and Contact :

Earn Money Online By Dumping Photo Galleries

It is really easy to earn money online by dumping Photo Galleries of imagehosts that pays for views , many of you must be aware of them.

You can Dump Your imagehost links on 
It is a newly launch gallery dump site but impressive design and function.
You might be aware of my previous similar article on Gallery Dump. allows you to place your 728x90 banner below your galleries linking to your site.
if you give a backlink to them they allow you to place same banner above galleries.
so you get a free visitors as well as targetted link building for your blog or site for free.


Create a free account and login to be able to post your galleries and set up your profile.
In Profile you can add 728x90 banner and URL for your site.

All you have to do is upload porn images to a paying image host, grab the links provided by your image host and post them on by creaing a gallery.
You can post 1 gallery / hour , or max 24 galleries / day ( Prevent Spam )

Image Tutorial : 

Video Tutorial :

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How To Get Free Traffic Via Big Porn List Sites

There are many Porn list sites out there who lists quality adult porn sites at one place . These are basically bookmark sites which provide list of many niche specific sites for e.g. Amateur Niche - this sites provide various amateur niche blogs , paysites , fap sites , reddit pages , tumblr blogs etc at one place and users find them handy for browsing there interest related porn sites. Some of this Porn lists sites have really good direct traffic via browser bookmarks especially American & European country traffic.If you have a quality site its must be already there if not you can contact webmasters of those Porn Lists sites to add your site to there list.
Most of the sites without popunders and excessive ads will easily gets accepted provided you give them a backlink from your site. These sites lists normally 500-1000 blogs , forums and websites .
Most of them also provide a review of your site and rating. so you get a free review for your site with a backlink and few 100s of daily free adult niche specific traffic.

1] -

One of the oldest among the Big Porn List sites . Bookmarked by thousands of people around the world. send quality tier 1 free traffic . Lists top 1000+ Quality Porn sites
Alexa Rank - 29224

Its really hard to get listed here :(

2] -

Nice template , cool design , I personally like this site and i have bookmarked it.
It Lists Top 750 quality Porn sites . Tier 1 free traffic - even sends 500- 1k+ traffic to some sites
Alexa Rank - 12170

Contact -
Email -
Skype - geoffrey.celen

3] -

One of the oldest among the Big Porn List sites . Bookmarked by thousands of people around the world. send quality tier free traffic . Lists top 783 Quality Porn sites
Alexa Rank - 79115 

Contact - 
Contact page -

4] -

Nice Porny Pink Site :D 
Alexa rank - 89940

Contact -

5] -

Nice layout , Similar site
Alexa Rank -290509

Contact Page -

6] -

Another nice similar niche site with good traffic but i guess recently lost some traffic . No idea about the reason. :(
Alexa rank - 147234

Contact -

7] -

Alexa rank - 277373
Contact Page -

8] - 

Alexa Rank - 309331
Contact -

9] - 

List almost every top adult site.
Alexa Rank - 378308
Contact Page - ( Dead since Few days )
Contact thread -

I Hope This small tutorial will help you to fetch some free quality adult traffic.
Best Luck.